November 24th, 2012

They don’t call it Black Friday for nothing…

It was a dark, some might say even black, day CFS faithful. The torrential rains barely even hit the ground due to their whipping wind aided horizontal trajectory. There was a haze of grey (and crimson) about the gym that day. Something was off. Tate and I strolled in for our WOD and we could both feel it. I couldn’t get loose, he didn’t even finish his Perfect Food Bar, I got no repped on box jumps, he didn’t poop his diaper while hiding amongst the kettlebells, I had to work out with Ryan, his lego guy had no pants on. Everything went awry early that morning. Once the feline momentum got rolling there was no stopping it. The CFS Apple Cup Wodders began to roll in and I took mental attendance as they did. Crimson after grey, after Coug sweatshirt, after WSU hat pranced through the door. I tried not to show my dismay. You know how those Cougs get when they smell blood. Then Brad showed up, the sit up and running king, and I knew we were doomed, but as I looked about the faces of the small but mighty band of Dawgs I took heart for their in my midst were some of our strongest and most determined athletes proudly sporting their purple and gold. The battle was a mighty clash of titanic proportion with the Cougs standing tall atop a pile o’ Dawgs when the dust settled, but we still held one glimmer of hope. The game later that day. Well, lets just call it good for this blog post right there…please?

9 AM Class Only

In 8 minutes warm up your dumbell press then perfom a max rep set of strict dumbell press 45#/25#. These reps must be performed “touch and go” at the shoulders (ie. no resting with them on the shoulders).

In 8 minutes warm up your deadlift and then perfom a max rep set of deadlifts with perfect form at 315#/205#. For these reps there is no dropping the bar and they must be touch and go at the bottom. Your set ends when you cannot deadlift anymore or your form fails even the slightest bit, whichever comes first. Your coach and your peers will police your form for you.

In 8 minutes using 3 attempts perform a max rep set of box jumps in 1 minute at 24″/20.” For these reps you do not need to pause on the box at the top, but the knees and hips MUST come open as you slide off the box.

In 8 minutes using 3 attempts achieve your fastest 25om row.

Post dumbell press reps, deadlift reps, best 1 minute box jump score, and fastest 250m row to comments.


6 Responses

  1. GO COUGS!!!
    PS: To the Lundquist family… HA!

  2. Hahaha! Too funny Jeff

  3. 250m row: 40 sec
    45lb dumbbell press: 15 reps
    315lb Deadlift: 12 reps
    24 inch box jump: 39 reps under 1 min.

    Forgot how fun Saturday morning wods are!

  4. 250m row: 39 sec (1 second PR)
    45 lb DB press: 10 reps
    315 lb deadlift: 10 reps
    24″ BJs in 1 minute: 22 reps

  5. 250m row: 45 sec
    30# DB press: 12 reps
    265# deadlift: 10 reps
    24″ BJs in 1 minute: 27 reps

    GO COUGS!!!

  6. 250m row: 43 sec
    45lb dumbbell press: 18 reps (if you let me keep me keep my 3 reps after I momentarily forgot no pauses at botttom allowed)
    315lb Deadlift: 16 reps
    24 inch box jump: 22 reps under 1 min.

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