November 28th, 2012

I recently received the following email. Thought it might be an encouragement to someone out there.
“I attended my first CFS class on August 4 and my goals were to first, lose weight, and second, gain energy. 
 In 2009, I had my first child. I gained 70+ pounds with that pregnancy.  I’m honestly not sure what I finally weighed in at.  My daughter was almost 2 weeks late and I stopped looking at the scale during weigh ins.  For the next year I nursed my daughter and it was difficult to lose the weight. My girlfriends talked about how much weight they lost from nursing, but it just made me hungrier!  A few months after my daughter was weaned, my husband and I learned that we would be expecting another child!  During the second pregnancy I gained a ton of weight – at least 60+ pounds.  On the day I delivered my second child, in November of 2011, I weighed 213 pounds!  
Time passed and the weight slowly started to come off.  But I couldn’t seem to get the scale to budge past 179.  It stayed like that for months!  Obviously, I felt extremely unattractive. I didn’t fit into any of my old clothes and so I was wearing all my maternity clothes.  Not only did I look and feel horrible, I had ZERO energy!  Before children, my husband and I had been pretty active – hiking almost every weekend from Spring-Fall; playing tennis together, walking through our neighborhood, etc and I didn’t feel like doing anything but lay around!  At the time, my two year old daughter ran everywhere (and she still does) and I could hardly keep up with her.  She wanted to play a game outside where I would run after her, down this long steep hill, and I couldn’t keep up!  I knew that I didn’t want to live like this and so I picked a date to begin making a change.  
I decided that for 90 days I would give it everything I had and exercise and cut out of my diet processed food, sugar, and wheat.  Setting up a time period really helped me because it was a fixed period in my mind, rather than a total life style change (but more on that later!)
My husband’s friend worked out at CFS and it sounded difficult, but also family friendly.  It sounded like it might be a good fit for me.   
After a couple of the CFS intro classes, I thought that there was really no way I would be able to do all the different types of exercises and that I was really out of my league. (What was a burpee?  Rope climb?  Pull-up??? I couldn’t do that, could I??)  But I continued to go, two or three times a week.  After all, I’d made a commitment for 90 days. . . . And I started to lose weight.  About a pound or two a week.  My maternity clothes that I was still wearing started to look loose.  And people at work started to notice.  My husband told me that I was looking good!  My three year old daughter called me a “hot mama.”  (Where she heard that term I have no idea!?!)  My family started asking what I was doing.  I had to go out and buy new clothes — and not from the maternity department!  
In 14 weeks, I lost 20 pounds and completely changed my life!  Early on, as I was trying to lose weight, I remember thinking that I would be totally content to lose 20 pounds and be in a size 10.  After all, I thought, I was a mother of two young children and that weight/size was totally appropriate.  Well now that I have lost 20 pounds and am in a size 10, I’m thinking, what could I do if I tried another 90 day challenge (perhaps after the holidays. . .)??
Even more exciting to me than fitting into some cute clothes (and looking decent in them) is all the energy that I have.  Just tonight my daughter and I ran outside during a break in the rain storm.  We ran up and down that steep hill chasing each other until she told me, while trying to catch her breath, “Mama, I’ve got to take a break, I’m tired!”  And I was a bit out of breath — but not much!  🙂  
I’m also excited about actually being able to do knotted rope climbs (five of them, even) and I’m excited about the possibility of doing a pull-up without a band in the next couple of months!  It’s actually something I could see myself doing!!!  
So in my mind, this is only half of the story.  The rest of the story will be lived out in the days to come.  I anticipate losing another 15 or 20 pounds. . . . quite possibly getting back to my pre-pregnancy size?  Never would have imagined that months ago. . . . 
So thank you for helping me to change my life around.  I’m a different person (inside and out) because of CFS.  🙂 “
Workout of the Day
Part A:

Work for 15 minutes to establish a heavy set of 1 Thruster with the bar taken from a rack.


Part B:

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
75 pound Thruster, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
Run 200 meters with a 20#/14# medicine ball

Post time to comments.


21 Responses

  1. Awesome story Jeff. Thanks for sharing. I think we have all been where the Amazing CFS Athlete above has been. Nice work Anonymous! Keep it up and welcome to the collective.

  2. Awesome story! I love hearing stories like that, especially mommy success stories. I can relate to those much better than some of the other success stories. It really is important to be able to keep up with our kids and actually enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your success. It’s motivation for us all.

  3. I love it! This is such a sweet victory! I 100% agree with our “Hot Mama”!!! CFS is full of great motivators in all sizes and shapes to keep you working hard….even when you want to quit!

  4. Great motivation, so many positive benefits!
    137.5 #(I was going for every ounce) Thrusters
    4 + 12 Thrusters Rx’d
    Dawn and Greg were great, Dawn blew by me on the last run – wow!

  5. I think this story is what CFS is all about. We all have something we are trying to improve (weight, stamina, strength) and this community is the right path for your health goals. Congratulations! I can imagine how excited and proud you must be. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing

  6. A: 175#
    B: 3 rounds +3 toes to bar Rx’d (almost) – I had 3 or 4 reps where my toes didn’t make contact with the bar, but they were very close

  7. A- 175# – 185# F
    Went into this with no idea. Guessed around 135#, guess I was wrong. 🙂

    B- 5 rounds plus 3 thrusters. Sub’d row for run. Foot is still a bit wishy washy.

    • Inspiring story! If that doesn’t make it on the “testimonial” section of the new website. I would be very surprised. Keep up the good work anonymous!

  8. Great story, Anonymous! I just want to give you a hug!

    A. 105# This may be a 5# pr, the prob is my shoulders hurt so bad on thrusters!!
    B. 4 + 4 thrusters rx’d (I wish we could do everything with a 55# thruster, I likey)


  9. Keep it up!! You’re doing amazing and it is such an inspiration to hear these success stories. You just helped me get out of my “Thanksgiving food funk” today, so thanks for that! 🙂

    A. 80# Wanted to try more but right arm was hurting a bit too much today.

    B. 4 + 4 thrusters – 35#. I need to get more confident in doing toes to bar in the workouts. I can do them fine while warming up but once it gets going, I do about 3 and then immediately go to the knees to elbow motion. I know I can, I just need to do it!!

  10. A. 195#
    B. 6 + 4 toes to bar Rx’d.

  11. Mom and Joey and I did the 7min of burpees.


  12. 4 rounds plus 12 thrusters 2 toes to bar. Awesome workout to be able to RX it!

  13. 205# 1 rep Max Thruster

    5 rounds + 8 T2B Rx

  14. 195# 1 Rep Thruster

    4 Rounds + 9 T2B

  15. A. 200 lbs (25 lb PR!!)
    B. 5 rounds rx’d

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