About CFS

The Workout

CrossFit Snohomish exists to improve people’s quality of life through CrossFit and real food. We train using the methods and programming set forth by Greg Glassman and CrossFit.com. Our workouts are constantly varied, relevant to real life, fun, effective, challenging and intense. Each workout at CrossFit Snohomish is customized to fit each individuals abilities. Each movement will be taught step by step by a certified CrossFit trainer to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

The Coaches

Jeff Vale & Charity Vale

Jeff Vale

Level 1 CF Certified

CrossFit Kids Certified

CrossFit Basic Barbell Trained

CrossFit Nutrition Trained

I have been CrossFitting since February of 2006. In that time I have made more fitness gains and  improved my quality of life more than I ever did in my 15 years of exercising prior to that.  I want others to have this same experience, That is truly the main motivation behind my desire to train people. I want you to have the life changing experience that I had.

I have a sports background that started at age six and ended with a college baseball career at Oklahoma City University. I have been into exercising for fitness since I was fifteen years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education that I used for three years as a 4th grade teacher. I currently work full-time as a Seattle Firefighter.

I have a passion for CrossFit. I feel that this passion coupled with my CrossFit training, education experience, sports background and my desire to see people move better gives me the right skill set to help you reach your goals.

I also desire to do things right. This carries over into my training which ensures that you will be taught the safest, most effective way to move in a workout and in life.

Finally, I believe that you should enjoy working out. I will help you regain that joy of exercise that most people have lost.

Charity Vale

Level 1 CF Certified

CrossFit Kids Certified

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trained

Charity is has been CrossFitting since November of 2006. She began a couple of months after having our third child and quickly gained the best fitness of her life with much less time in the gym. That is really saying something considering the fact that she was a Level 9 gymnast growing up and a collegiate soccer player at Oklahoma City University where she graduated with a BA in Physical Education. After college she spent a few years as an ACE personal trainer at the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue before finding her passion as a fulltime mother. She is a gifted athlete and a skilled, caring and competent coach who can help you meet your goals.


Casey Stein & Andrea Stein

Level 1 CF Certified

Back in 2002, my 3-year-old daughter said to me: “Daddy, you’re fat!”  I realized she was right.  So I decided to change right then.  I started running the next day.  Over the course of the next 6 years I proceeded to spend TONS of time running, riding and swimming.  I ran a half-marathon, a full marathon, a half-Ironman triathlon and a couple of Olympic-distance triathlons.  I rode my bike 21 miles to and from work a few days a week.  In this time I became “skinny”.  Then one day, while riding my bike home from work, I was hit by a drunk driver.  The crash broke my collar-bone, herniated on of my discs and caused multiple abrasions that I still have scars from.  Needless to say I was off the bike and laid up for a while.  In that time I stumbled across CrossFit on the Internet.  I was unable to do any of it since I was still far from being healed.  But I read all about it and decided that it was what I needed to be doing.  In March 2008 I ran across CrossFit Snohomish.  I started training there with Jeff and haven’t looked back.

I believe that CrossFit isn’t just a bunch of random workouts, but is actually a way of life.  Doing CrossFit has made me significantly stronger both physically and mentally.  I now realize that I can do anything I set my mind to.  As a trainer my goal is to help other people come to the same realization.

Andrea Stein

Level 1 CF Certified

I started crossfitting with nothing:  no stamina, no muscles, no knowledge of olympic weightlifting, literally at ground zero.  Though I was a high school and college athlete I was in a pretty miserable state.  With a goal of completing a marathon my husband talked me into joining crossfit.  Nervously I went.  Day after day I showed up.  Every single day I was given the most skilled training without judegement, but rather encouragement.  I learned quickly not only were my trainers cheering me on, but so was the rest of the class.  Month by month I made progresses and eventually felt confident enough to enjoy myself and appreciate the WODS.  Now, there’s nothing I love more than my most feared moves, olympic weightlifting!

As a trainer I look forward to showing you, especially women, there’s nothing to be scared of.  I wasted years of fitness gains listening to my husband’s daily stories of his workouts thinking there was no way I could do that.  As I learned, anyone can crossfit.  Everyone has the ability to reach their goals, and make new goals they didn’t even realize were possible.  It takes special trainers to be able to lift you up to that place.  I have been fortunate enough to “grow up” at Crossfit Snohomish where I have been shown what top notch trainers emulate and I will do so for you as well.Le

John Pavlic

Level 1 CF Certified

CF Olympic Lifting Trained

I was very physically active into my 20s and early thirties.  But in my
mid-thirties I got out of the habit of working out and gradually fell
farther and farther out of shape.  I had a gym membership, but I never went
there because I had no connection to any of the staff or other members and
my workouts were boring.  I ballooned up from 6’2” 235 lbs. to 280 lbs.  I
was so out of shape that just going up the stairs in our house left me
winded.  Just before I turned about 38, I decided that I needed to make a
change before it became impossible to do so.  I started working out again
and paying attention to what I ate.  I got some results, but grew bored
again with the standard 20 minutes on the treadmill and 3 sets of ten
workouts that I did before.

About the same time, I saw an article about CrossFit in Muscle & Fitness
that led me to CrossFit.com.  I watched all the videos I could on the site
and then tried a few of the workouts myself, I think ‘Cindy’ was one of my
first. Those first workouts (and many since) destroyed me, but I felt happy
and excited about working out for the first time since I was in my 20’s.  I
followed the main site daily WOD (workout of the day) religiously and ate a
healthier diet than I ever had before.  The weight came off faster than I
expected and my fitness level improved faster than I thought possible.  The
best thing was that instead of dreading my work out like I used to, I
looked forward to them as the highlight of my day.  Over the course of two
years I lost 60 lbs., went from being able to barely do one or two pull-ups
to being able to do 30 and now instead of getting winded going up the
stairs I can run a 5K with my only worry being whether or not I would beat
the PR I set the last time I ran it.  At 40 years old I weigh 220 lbs.,
less than I weighed in my twenties, and I can do things such as muscle-ups
and handstand push-ups that the 20-year-old me could not have done on his
best day.

CrossFit has helped me become a better, happier person and led me to a much
healthier life than I ever would have been able to find on my own.  I have
become a better me and as a trainer I hope to help you do the same thing.

Ryan Lundquist

Level 1 CF Certified

My fitness world changed 100 percent when I was first introduced to CrossFit by my wife. I had always assumed that I was in good shape as an adult but was challenged the first day I met Jeff. I was a regular at the global gym and was involved in sports but always desired to push the limits of my potential.  I have been CrossFitting since June of 2009 and have seen increased fitness results each and every month.  When I combined proper nutrition with CrossFit, I surpassed any level of fitness that I had ever attained in my life previous and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

After about a year of training I wanted to help others in attaining their full fitness potential. There is nothing more motivating than a gym that breathes encouragement while you work to attain your fitness goals. I desire to help you begin the CrossFit journey at whatever capacity that you require and look forward to watching others have as much success as I have been lucky enough to have.

Brandie Johnson

Level 1 CF Certeified

USA Weightlifting Club Coach Level 1 Certified

CF Olympic Lifting Trained

CF Power Lifting Trained

My athletic background started at a very early age, with soccer being my main focus.  I started weightlifting in high school and quickly noticed significant gains in my strength, power, speed, and overall performance on the field.  In 1998, I attended Western Washington University where I played soccer for four years.  Upon graduation and after years of intense training and practices, I realized that I could not maintain the same level of intense activity on my own and staying in shape would have to involve workouts at a commercial gym.  Despite going to the gym regularly, I saw almost no results for all of my hard work, I often felt bored with my workouts and soon I started to dread going to the gym.  This went on for several years until I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 by my best friend, Brooke Lundquist.   I had never achieved the results I wanted, until I started CrossFit.  Clearly, it was the fitness regimen I had been looking for.  It has made me stronger, increased my aerobic capacity, and has made me mentally tougher.  It’s very challenging, exciting, and extremely rewarding.

Being a part of the CFS community has been amazing and now, as a coach, I have the opportunity to watch so many others find their passion and exceed their own limits. The best thing about Crossfit is that you don’t have to be an athlete; you just need the desire to change your life.  You will be amazed at what the human body is truly capable of.  At CFS you’ll find a supportive atmosphere that encourages competition and fosters camaraderie.  My goal is to inspire and motivate you along your journey and help you discover the full potential of your fitness.

Matt Nuttbrock

Level 1 CF Certified

I was first introduced to Crossfit in 2009.  At that time, I joined a Crossfit gym for about a month and during that short amount of time, I quickly realized that Crossfit was for me.  I ended up quiting that gym  but continued to do the WODs from the main site.  I enjoyed the WODs but missed the competitiveness of working out in the gym with other Crossfitters.  I joined CFS in December of 2011 and haven’t looked back.
CFS has literally changed my life!  It’s not just about learning the proper lifting techniques, the positive encouragement and motivation, but also about nutrition.

I grew up playing sports all through high school and a couple of years of baseball at Linfield College in Oregon.  I have found that I still have that competitive drive and Crossfit is a great way to satisfy that drive.  I currently work as a Firefighter for Snohomish County Fire District 7 and I truly believe that Crossfit enables me to perform my job at the best of my ability and I’m able to compete and perform with guys half my age.

As a coach, I try to make each and every WOD somewhat enjoyable!  I enjoy teaching proper lifting techniques, and little “tricks of the trade”.   The greatest thrill I have though is when somebody reaches a PR that they never thought they could reach.  To see that look on their face is priceless and is worth every minute spent in the gym.

I would like to thank Jeff and Charity for giving me the opportunity to become part of this great Crossfit family.

Shawn Shannon

Level 1 CF Certified

I’ve always been active with a variety of outdoor activities and obsession with rugby.  I came to CrossFit looking for a way to break through the strength and fitness plateaus that seemed to plague me through years of trying.  Some of my successful rugby teammates did CrossFit and thought I’d just try it for a few months, get the knowledge and do it myself.  Very quickly I broke through those previously unattainable plateaus and found the amazing CrossFit Snohomish community was a unique blessing not easily found.  I’ve even accomplished things I only thought were only Fat Fella Fantasies; unassisted kipping pull ups honestly didn’t seem possible.  CrossFit’s given me that ability to see my potential is as big as I’m willing to go.

The CrossFit methodologies have proven themselves highly successful and I found myself reading and watching everything I could find.  Really intrigued in how virtousity translated into so much more capability.  Realizing that there is nothing to hold me or anyone else back.  As a trainer I really love finding ways to help a person “play above themselves.”  That point that they accomplish something they didn’t know they could.  Whether it was a movement or pushing through for one more rep when any other day they would walk away.  I want to help people identify those physical and mental barriers and crush them like a bug so they can accomplish what they never thought they could.

The Food

First off, we are not doctors, nutritionists or dietitians. Based on what we have read from trusted, well researched sources we have found success with the following principles.  We eat a whole/real foods diet. We eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This means that grains, as most of us know them, are avoided, and if consumed are handled in a very specific manner. We don’t eat processed foods. Our dairy is whole fat and of the highest quality, from grass-fed animals and preferably raw. Ideally caloric intake is guided naturally by our body’s well designed cues for hunger and satiety.  This is what we eat and have used to fuel some top performing CrossFit athletes.
Below are some good links on eating real food.